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We provide architectural & structural engineering services specialising in:

There are two different types of application requested by the Local Authorises prior to the construction work, Planning Permission and Building Regulations.

Stage one is for the approval of Planning and the second stage is for the approval of Building Regulations prior to any construction work. There is a possibility for a third application with Thames Water if you’re building within 3 meters or over a public sewer.

We provide initial consultation including a site visit free of charge. This is to discuss client’s requirements, ideas and budget. This will be followed by a written quotation for the proposed works with no hidden costs. Additional charges may be applicable if the changes are required by the client at a late stage of the design which will be agreed prior to commencement of any design.

All existing and proposed plans, elevations and sections will be drawn following the site survey/measurement. Client will be given an opportunity for further changes, if possible, prior to the Planning Permission application to the Local Authority.

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Commercial and residential developments require Planning Permission prior to any type of development. Planning looks at the external character and the volume of the development. There are two types of planning applications;

Permitted Development (Certificate of Lawful Development)

Permitted Development rights allows for rear extension, loft conversion and porch without the need of Planning Permission. This rule cannot be applied to flats, listed properties or properties located in conservation area. It is advisable to apply for Certificate of Lawful Development.

Full Plan Application

Full planning permission applies to all other developments which are not covered by the Certificate of Lawful Development. For further information please visit Planning Portal website by clicking here.

Fridum Ltd will submit one application as quoted and handles any quires from the Local Authorities. Application fees requested by the Local Authorities are payable by the client. Once registered, the Local Authorities will take approximately eight weeks to make a decision and any changes requested on the plans by the Local Authorities within this period are dealt within our services. There is no additional fee for this.

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This is the second stage to the development process and Building Regulations apply to virtually all building extensions, new building works, the removal & provision of internal walls and structural alterations to buildings.

Building regulations are required to be met following the approval of planning permission. Structural design, details and other technical information will form the Building Regulations package and construction information. This information will be used to obtain construction quotations and if you wish it is recommended to produce a Schedule of Work for an accurate quotation.

There are two different applications that can be submitted to Building Control. The application fee for both types is payable by the client, costing the same but the client will have to pay the full application fee up front when applying for the Building Notice application. Building Notice only applies to certain type of development and the construction work, requiring 48 hours notice to the Local Authorises once the application is registered.

Full Plans Application usually takes two-three months for approval. Small percentage of the total application fee will need to paid for the application plans to be checked. The remaining fee will be payable once the work is on site. Starting construction work prior to Building Control approval is at client’s own risk and is not recommended.

Any construction within 3 meters or over a public sewer will need approval prior to the development from Thames Water. This is quoted in our quotation to submit an application on behalf of the client with the Building Regulations plans. The application fee is payable by the client and any extra surveys requested will incur additional fee.

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If the planned work to an existing structure falls under the Party Wall Act 1996 or excavations within 3m of the neighbouring building, a notice must be issued attaching detail drawings to all affected neighbouring parties prior to commencement. Neighboruing parties must give written agreement within 14 days. There are three types of notices:

a) Section 1 Notice. - Line of Junction Notice (one month notice required)

This notice is served if you are proposing to build a new wall exactly on the Line of Junction (on the boundary) The serving of this notice gives you the right of access over the adjoining owner's land to enable you to build you new wall.

b) Section 3 Notice - Party Structure Notice (two months notice required)

Section 3 notices deal with work to a party wall (or floor in the case of flats) or even a party wall fence, and can include things like cutting into the wall to insert a beam, raising the wall, underpinning, rebuilding etc

c) Section 6 Notice. - A three metre or six metre notice (one month notice required)

A Section 6 notice is served if you proposing to excavate within 3 metres of the adjacent owner's building and your foundation is deeper than theirs, which is usually the case when building a new extension to an older property. (This distance can be increased to 6 metres in certain circumstances, usually when you are proposing very deep foundations such as piling or basement work.)

In the case of any dispute arising between the parties; a Party Wall Surveyor will need to be appointed to solve such disputes unbiasedly. Neighbouring owner(s) can appoint their own Party Wall Surveyor and the fees will need to be paid by the party undertaking the work. If no agreement cannot be reached fairly Court action is required to solve any disputes. This is not covered by our service.

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We provide project management services by appointing our project managers working directly for the client. The main services include obtaining various quotations from subcontractors and suppliers selecting and appointing the most appropriate ones, coordinating between the structural and services design to comply with the construction. Arranging design team meetings, preparation of construction programme and insuring the project is delivered on time and to the budget.

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Our structural engineering services include:

Preliminary Design: For initial pricing and tendering

Feasibility Studies

Consultancy for renovations/refurbishments of building structures: Preparation of structural drawings and calculations to comply with Building Regulations 'Part A'

Analysis and Design using 3D finite element analysis

Structural Surveys

Bridge Assessments and Inspections

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We offer responsive and distinctive designs

We are experienced in the design of small to large schemes including residential, commercial and educational projects. We have recently collaborated with a few of the industries successful contractors to provide all-in-one design and build packages.

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