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We provide architectural & structural engineering services specialising in:

There are two different types of application requested by the Local Authorises prior to the construction work, Planning Permission and Building Regulations.

Stage one is for the approval of Planning and the second stage is for the approval of Building Regulations prior to any construction work. There is a possibility for a third application with Thames Water if you’re building within 3 meters or over a public sewer.

We provide initial consultation including a site visit free of charge. This is to discuss client’s requirements, ideas and budget. This will be followed by a written quotation for the proposed works with no hidden costs. Additional charges may be applicable if the changes are required by the client at a late stage of the design which will be agreed prior to commencement of any design.

All existing and proposed plans, elevations and sections will be drawn following the site survey/measurement. Client will be given an opportunity for further changes, if possible, prior to the Planning Permission application to the Local Authority.

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We offer responsive and distinctive designs

We are experienced in the design of small to large schemes including residential, commercial and educational projects. We have recently collaborated with a few of the industries successful contractors to provide all-in-one design and build packages.

" When spending so much money, i expect the best service and installation. And thats exactly what I got."

Mr H. Burks - Watford