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services- Building Regulations

This is the second stage to the development process and Building Regulations apply to virtually all building extensions, new building works, the removal & provision of internal walls and structural alterations to buildings.

Building regulations are required to be met following the approval of planning permission. Structural design, details and other technical information will form the Building Regulations package and construction information. This information will be used to obtain construction quotations and if you wish it is recommended to produce a Schedule of Work for an accurate quotation.

There are two different applications that can be submitted to Building Control. The application fee for both types is payable by the client, costing the same but the client will have to pay the full application fee up front when applying for the Building Notice application. Building Notice only applies to certain type of development and the construction work, requiring 48 hours notice to the Local Authorises once the application is registered.

Full Plans Application usually takes two-three months for approval. Small percentage of the total application fee will need to paid for the application plans to be checked. The remaining fee will be payable once the work is on site. Starting construction work prior to Building Control approval is at client’s own risk and is not recommended.

Any construction within 3 meters or over a public sewer will need approval prior to the development from Thames Water. This is quoted in our quotation to submit an application on behalf of the client with the Building Regulations plans. The application fee is payable by the client and any extra surveys requested will incur additional fee.

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