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The name, Fridum, pronounced as [free-duhm] from Freedom "the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint (source) is a manifestation of limitless innovation and creativity through our design.

We are a small establishment of highly ambitious and motivated individuals.  The company although formally established in early 2009 has its roots further beyond in the past thorough the experience of its managing directors and employees. 

Our vision is to achieve the best possible solution for our clients through simple, practical and sustainable design.   

We are experienced in the design of small to large schemes including residential, commercial and educational projects.  We have recently collaborated with a few of the industries successful contractors to provide all-in-one design and build packages.

We provide prompt services at very competitive prices.
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Managing director of Fridum Ltd is a successful Structural Engineer who has built his solid career whilst working with various multinational design consultancies namely:

He is experienced in the design of reinforced concrete and steel frame multi-storey building projects. Skilled in using 3D structural modelling, CAD management, programme and planning, chairing meetings, liaison with sub-contractors and suppliers and structural design audits and reviews.